Board Meeting Protocols

Jackson Catholic Schools Meeting Protocols

Bylaws Adopted:  June 25, 2020


Section 6.1 – Regular Meetings

  • Regular meetings of the Board shall be held bimonthly, at least six times per year. 
  • Standing committees of the Board will meet in the alternating months.
  • Regular meetings of the Board shall be held in school facilities.

Section 6.2 – Special Meetings

  • Special meetings may be called by the Superintendent of Schools, the chairperson, the Executive Director of Jackson Catholic Schools, or by written request of one-third of Trustees. Written notice must be provided at least five days prior to special meetings.

Section 6.3 – Annual Meeting

  • The annual meeting shall be held in June of each year.

Section 6.4 – Meeting Protocol

  • All regular meetings of the Board shall be open to interested parties, and notice of all regular meetings shall be posted and publicized in school memos and newsletters.
  • If any person, other than a Board member, wishes to present a matter to the School Board, that person must obtain the approval of the Chair and Executive Committee at
  • least ten days prior to the meeting in order to place the matter on the agenda. The request for inclusion of a matter on the agenda must be submitted in writing and be accompanied by an explanation of the item.
  • The Board shall establish an internal Board policy regarding executive sessions.

Section 6.5 – Executive Session

  • All meetings of the Board, both regular and special, shall be open to the public unless the Board Chair, Executive Director of Jackson Catholic Schools, Superintendent of Schools, or the Board by a majority vote deems it necessary for the Board to go into Executive Session for discussion and deliberation. Confidential personnel matters, grievances, and security measures are to be addressed in Executive Session. Executive Sessions are closed to the public. All votes following an executive session shall be taken in open session.