Board of Trustees

Chairperson of the Board/Executive Committee Member

Vice-Chairperson of the Board/Executive Committee Member

Secretary/Executive Committee Member

Brian Richmond

Rich Walicki

Jennifer Kelley

Executive Director of Jackson Catholic Schools/
Administrative Officer to the Board
(non-voting member)
Tim DeWitt


Chairperson of the Finance Committee
Jason Shore



Larry Schultz

Aaron Boatin

Fr. Tim MacDonald

Margarita Berkemeier

Amy Pelletier

Steve Dunigan


Scheduled Board of Trustees Meetings


If any person, other than a Board member, wishes to present a matter to the School Board, that person must obtain the approval of the Chair and Executive Committee at least ten days prior to the meeting in order to place the matter on the agenda. The request for inclusion of a matter on the agenda must be submitted in writing and be accompanied by an explanation of the item.