• To foster in each student an awareness of personal needs and to provide each student the opportunity to acquire the insight needed to meet those needs
  • To direct the student to the best means to assist him/her to develop spiritually, physically, emotionally, and intellectually in order to meet and adjust to his/her needs to make wise choices and to attain a maximum of success in school and future life
  • To assist the student to recognize the dignity of the human person which is attained by the student who understands himself/herself
  • To enable the student to understand Christian values and to learn that true happiness is found in living for God and neighbor
  • To assist the student to function as a healthy individual in the global Christian society

Academic Advising:

Our counselor meets individually with each 7th, 9th, and 12th grade student. These three years are some of the most transitional years in high school. Our counselor meets with the students to discuss goals (short and long term), faith development, and ways to stay involved at Lumen Christi as well as in the community.


Tenth grade: “College and Career Exploration”

In this one-day class, students complete an interest inventory, a career interview, values assessment instruments, and research on desired occupations and colleges using the internet (Occupational Outlook Handbook and CollegeBoard) and other library resources. Devotion and scripture start the day’s lesson. Students are encouraged to prayerfully discern their “calling” as they continue exploration. This workshop combined with individual academic advising will help students understand the relationship between effort put into their daily course work and extra curricular activities, and their ability to pursue and achieve future goals.


Students who want additional support may receive counseling from our counselor. Relationships, study skills, test anxiety, difficult thoughts or feelings, communication skills, stress management, discerning goals, and getting through a tough day are frequent topics addressed. If a student’s concern is more challenging than what can be approached within the school environment, referrals to area health professionals will be made.


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