COVID-19 Report

Jackson Catholic Schools COVID-19 Report

The purpose of this data is to help us make healthy decisions together for our community. Part of our success entails transparency of policy and progress. The data below is designed to keep all of our community stakeholders up-to-date with our most recent cases. Positive cases include anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last ten days (the recommended window from MDHHS); these students and staff are NOT in school or participating in any activities. Quarantine cases do not include any positive cases, but are those kept at home because of exposure to positive cases in the last 14 days (the symptom development window as advised by MDHHS). We should expect this number to be greater than positive cases. Once a positive case or quarantine case is cleared, their data is removed, so this dashboard demonstrates our current standing, not cumulative cases over time.

Data is updated daily.

Please contact your building principal for more specific questions.


Remember our agreements:

  • Stay home if you, or anyone in your household, is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms like fever, sore throat, cough, or diarrhea.
  • Stay home if anyone in your household is awaiting the results of COVID test.
  • Stay home if you have been exposed to anyone positive for COVID-19 (48 hours before their symptoms started until 10 days after positive test is considered exposure window) in the last 14 days.


Total Number of JCS Staff


Total Active Cases in JCS Staff


Total Number of Staff in Quarantine


Percentage of Staff w/ Active Cases



Total Number of JCS Students


Active Cases in Students


Total Number of Students in Quarantine


Percentage of Students w/ Active Cases


*Staff includes maintenance, teachers (shared time, too) and all part-time support staff (preschool, latchkey, cafeteria, recess, classroom aides, office, etc)

JCS Schools Active Cases Staff Active Cases Students
Lumen Christi Catholic School 0 1
Queen of the Miraculous Medal 0 0
St. John School 0 0
St. Mary Star of the Sea 0 0