JCS Considers Expanded Busing South on 127

JCS Considers Expanded Busing South on 127

Jackson Catholic Schools provides transportation to Albion, Chelsea, Marshall, and Michigan Center. We are considering an additional southern route down U.S. 127. For more information, please contact Lucian Leone at lleone@myjacs.org.

The Walters Family
Marshall, Michigan

Our son, Johnny, is now in 8th grade at Lumen Christi. We made the switch last year because of the school’s commitment to academic excellence, in-person learning, and faith-based environment. The smile on his face and change in personality far outweighs the 30-minute commute he makes each day. We must mention how thankful we are for the Lumen Christi Transportation Department which makes the commute to Marshall each day so that Johnny can receive what we believe is the best education. Johnny has maintained straight A’s during middle school while being a three-sport athlete, where he has excelled tremendously. We are extremely pleased and proud of the coaching staff that has played an integral part in Johnny’s growth. He values the importance of hard work, respect, and commitment to his team, forging a strong bond among them and paving the way for success both on and off the field/court.

The faculty is dedicated to ensuring Johnny has a bright future. The discipline, rigorous curriculum, and religious guidance Lumen Christi offers are unparalleled. He will be in high school next year with AP classes and Dual Enrollment offered; and we plan to take full advantage of these opportunities over the next four years. It made an amazing difference for our daughter, who went into her first year at MSU Honors College with Sophomore status. We are confident the preparation Johnny is receiving will allow him to transition to college with ease.

Our experience continues to be so refreshing as our interactions and friendships with students and parents grow. They have continued to make us feel part of an extended family, always willing to help with practice schedules and any after-school activities. We are grateful for such a strong community relationship and, most importantly, that feeling of family. Johnny is also continuing to appreciate his Catholic faith, and we are extremely proud to have him attend Lumen Christi Catholic Schools. It has been a tremendous joy and blessing watching him succeed academically and strengthen his faith in God. We are proud to be Titans and excited to see his next four years at Lumen!


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