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Mr. Damon Havlicek

English/Humanities Teacher, College Advisor


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The goal at Lumen Christi in regards to college planning is to empower each family to confidently find, be admitted to, and afford one or more “good fit” colleges. It is an opportunity for students and parents alike to sit with a College Advisor in a one-on-one environment and realize how to go through many steps in the college search process, including: college preparation, admission, financial aid and the scholarship process.

Purpose of the Lumen Christi College Advisor:

To be very straightforward and practical with students and parents as to what can realistically and reasonably be expected in this process. We desire to make every family feel comfortable and informed during this process. In order to do so, it is our intent to help each individual find a fit based on a college’s academic, social, and financial standing. The college advisor will help to facilitate the finding of schools suitable for each student’s individual abilities, or help them decide if military or work options would better suit them.


To offer a breadth of service, including College Planning workshops and ACT preparation workshops. No other school in Jackson County offers this unique type of service to its students! They will get a very formal education into what ‘fits’ their passions the best.

Students will be walked through:
1. The college selection process step-by-step
2. The importance of well-planned college visits
3. How a certain major relates to their interests
4. The factors that colleges look for most in students
5. How the application process works: deadlines, essays, personal statements, letters of recommendation
6. The college planning mistakes they should avoid
7. “Leverage”—how to recognize and use it effectively
8. How to handle “special admissions cases— performers, learning issues, legacy, contributions
9. Learning which schools offer what you desire in an education
10. The importance of developing a student resume and stating your passions

Time is of the essence! In this current age of college searches and financial situations, it is imperative that families are not making any blind decisions. In order to keep from rushing into action, a step-by-step process, beginning with the high school counselor the student’s freshman year will begin to create insight into what interests and future goals may be for that student. This will be enhanced with individual meetings with the counselor throughout high school.
Beginning in the junior year, the college advisor will begin the task of collecting data on each student to help them better assess what future may be best for them, whether that is a 2-or-4-year college, military, work, or whatever it may entail. It is our goal to get each individual to thoroughly accept the responsibility for their future and to learn how to narrow choices in order to make a final decision.

Students Role:

  • Meet with the college advisor at least once during their junior year and twice during their senior year.
  • Walk through and gain step-by-step knowledge of the college process.
  • Make and keep appointments with the Advisor. This shows responsibility necessary for the work force.
  • Have items completed for the advisor by the due date.
  • Complete searches recommended by the advisor for material pertaining to their interests.
  • Take responsibility for this process. It is your future.
  • For more information please visit Mr. Havlicek’s website.

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