Extra Curricular/Clubs

Lumen Christi hosts a variety of extracurricular activities: artistic, intellectual, social and athletic. Choose one of the following titles to view the details on that specific activity.

Angling Club

The Lumen Christi Angling Club provides students with an alternative activity other than traditional clubs, sports, and activities, etc. The mission of the Lumen Christi Anglers is to provide an opportunity for students to fish, to teach others how to fish, and to be environmentally aware in a responsible, ethical, and Christian manner. In following the mission, students will learn patience, perseverance, appreciation for nature and the environment, and how to use time in a meaningful way. The Angling Club meets every other Wednesday. In the past, we have fished on Lake Columbia, Clark Lake, Peterson Lake, and Vandercook Lake. We will continue our efforts in environmental clean-up, fishing trips, casting competition and species presentations. 

Moderator: Mr. Marty Powers

Aviation Club
The Aviation club continues to rebuild a prototype ultralight aircraft.  Every member is responsible for completing specific tasks.  Those tasks include redesigning the rudder pedals to researching specifications locate the correct bolt to helping assemble essential parts of the aircraft.
Physics are applied in a hands-on setting such as center of mass, force of torque principles.  Aviation club is an experience that uses real world work in order to apply what is taught in the classroom.

Moderator:  Mr. Chris Sosinski 

Book Club


To provide a social and upbeat atmosphere for promoting reading and character/plot analysis in an entertaining way with fellow book enthusiasts.

Book Club meets two to four times during both lunch hours as needed per book. The meetings are casual and fun.

Community Service:

– Read to the Elementary Schools
– Deliver overdues
– Sort books for rummage sale
– Odd jobs for the Library

Membership Suggestions:

– Book Talks
– New Title suggestions
– Write booktests

Everyone who knows how to read has it in their power to magnify themselves, multiply the ways in which they exist, to make their life full, significant, and interesting.
– Aldous Huxley

Moderator:  Mrs. Eileen Lienhart

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is a critical component of the Catholic mission at Lumen Christi.

In recent years, Campus Ministry has evolved into a comprehensive pastoral program that includes retreats, spiritual formation in liturgical season (e.g. Advent, Lent), local and international service outreach, masses, penance services, and environmental stewardship.

Moderator:  Fr. Brian Lenz

Campus Ministry - Interfaith Shelter

The Interfaith Shelter project collects, prepares and serves the dinner meal the first Monday and third Tuesday of every month — even in the summer. Students do the scheduling, some of the cooking and all of the serving.

Moderator:  Mrs. Mary Kuhl

Campus Ministry PAL - Pals and Letters

The PAL club writes to sponsored kids through World Vision, wounded warriors through a Marine parent group, and Senior Citizens residing at Bethany House and the John George Home. PAL partners with the

St. John Parish card ministry to design beautiful cards and letters to impart joy to the recipients. To foster a sense of continuity, the student volunteers write to the same individuals each month.

Moderator:  Mrs. Mary Kuhl

Chess Club

Lumen Christi Catholic School’s Chess Club is an informal group of students who play chess during both lunch hours on Tuesdays.  New players are always welcome to join. The equipment is provided and students do not need to know how to play as someone is always willing to teach them.

Moderator:  Mr. Dan Simmons

Computer Coding Club

The mission of the Computer Coding Club is to spark student interest in coding, computers, and technology.  Participating in the Coding Club will give real life experience, getting the student ready for both college and the work place.

Moderator:  Mr. Marty Powers

Equestrian Club

The Lumen Christi Equestrian Club competes in the Michigan Interscholastic Horsemanship Association(MIHA) with approximately 20 other schools.  The school meets are held on the second and third weekends in September at the Ingham County Fairgrounds.  The club is open to all 9-12th graders and welcomes new members.

If you would like more information and/or to participate, please contact me at 734-216-7569.

Moderator:  Ms. Teri Aiuto

French Club

Le Club Français:
The purposes of this organization shall be threefold:  to give the students at Lumen Christi the opportunity to practice and to expand their knowledge of the French language and francophone culture; to increase the cultural awareness among the school community by sponsoring activities which promote understanding and goodwill; to place emphasis on the French language and culture.

Moderator:  Mrs. Susan Berendes-Wood

German Club

The German club is a student-led club that provides the opportunity for students to practice their German out of class, and experience various aspects of German culture through food, film, and music.  There are usually one to two meetings per month.

Moderator:  Mr. Ryan Cole


As an extracurricular group, “Handspeak” meets weekly before and after school in the Learning Center to learn about American Sign Language (ASL). This group also visits places in the community with students from the ASL classes.  The visits to churches include signing to music during worship. In schools, they teach signing to the children. They also visit autistic classes and nursing homes.

Moderator:  Mrs. Mary Kuhl


Click here to go to the improv website. Moderator: Mr. Donald Best


Intramurals is a chance for students to compete against each other using their God-given talents in a Christian friendly atmosphere.  Some of the sports played in the past include flag-football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, disk football, and 3-on-3 tournaments.  Periodically, “open gym” times are offered as well.

Moderator:  Mr. Marty Powers

Kairos Retreat Leaders

Kairos Retreat Leaders are peers of the students on retreat who desire to show the power of the Christian Community. These student leaders are able to show others the connection that they have found with Christ, often due to their own experience on a prior Kairos Retreat.  They are willing to live out their faith in many different real and active ways.

Moderator:  Fr. Brian Lenz

LC A Capella

A non-audition group of singers, grades 9-12, who meet once a week after school to rehearse for upcoming choral concerts. Music is concentrated to “a cappella” or “just voices,” but LC A Cappella does a wide variety of music, from pop and alternative to barbershop and choral masterpieces. After each concert, students are free to join and leave the group as needed with the changing of sports seasons, as it may conflict with their schedule at certain times of the year, but not others.

Moderator:  Mr. Justin Marcero

Math Club

Students tackle advanced math problems through various games and competitions. As Lumen Mathletes, we meet once a week for practice and/or competitions. In the fall, we compete in the Interstellar Math Madness (online, national AMC-sponsored) league, which progresses from league play into playoffs. During this competition, our Titan Mathletes virtually compete head-to-head against another high school somewhere in the US. During the spring semester, the Mathletes compete in the national AMC contest and also travel to U of M Flint and Mott CC for day-long competitions against other high school math teams. Participation in this club prepares students for advanced math that they may come across in high school and college, and develops their critical thinking and reasoning skills so that they are well-prepared for their lives.

Moderator: TBD

LC Men's Chorale

A non-audition group of men, grades 7-12, who get together to sing with “testosterone!” Open to any and all young men, we encourage new members to join when they can.  Like A Cappella, the men sing at the choral concerts and rehearse once a week.

Moderator:  Mr. Justin Marcero

Model United Nations

Lumen Christi Model United Nations (LCMUN) educates its delegates about international relations and diplomacy while also preparing them to participate in simulated UN conferences. During their participation in LCMUN and the conferences, the delegates will learn valuable skills including debating, public speaking, researching, writing, negotiating and critical thinking.  LCMUN aims to prepare students to become leaders of the school and ultimately future leaders of the world.

Moderator:  Mrs. Mary Glomski

National Honor Society

Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.500 or higher are invited to apply after the second semester of their sophomore year.

The National Honor Society is a nationally recognized organization. Admission is based on the student’s leadership, character, scholarship, and service.

Induction is held in the spring. To remain a member, students must adhere to the by-laws.


Membership in the National Honor Society focuses on developing and honing your leadership skills so that you can affect positive changes in your high school and community. Scholarship opportunities will also be available to you when you join the National Honor Society.

Tutoring, Hunger Week, A Dance, Homecoming Half Time Ceremony, Assist at Local Runs/Walks, Blood Drive and additional opportunities as they arise.

Moderator:  Mr. Ryan Miller

The Ninth Hour

A group of students who write songs together, and help each other’s musical ideas happen through their talents.  Although anyone is welcome, students must be interested in songwriting and be willing to try new musical ideas and must be supportive of other students’ song ideas. Check out The Ninth Hour Facebook page.

Moderator:  Mr. Justin Marcero

Rocket Club

The Lumen Christi Rocket Club Motto: Reaching for the Heavens

Lumen Christi’s Rocket Club is dedicated to exploring the world through the chemistry of creating and controlling vigorous reactions and using them to hurl aerodynamic objects through the skies. We thrive on problem-solving, multi-step project development and the camaraderie that only comes through the marriage of physics and chemistry.

Moderator: Mr. Dan Simmons

Sound Club

A group of students who are trained to set up sound equipment for Masses and other events that take place within the school. Students learn how to work a sound board, sound check microphones, troubleshoot sound problems, and properly communicate with other student groups as to what their needs are for their event.

Moderator:  Mr. Justin Marcero

Spanish Club

Students explore and experience Spanish culture. As a club, we celebrate Hispanic holidays, make Latin-inspired crafts, and enjoy Hispanic food and music. Some specific cultural exploration comes through students learning how to salsa dance, designing piñatas from scratch, and making cascarones to smash on each other. This club offers a great opportunity for students to learn about the vibrant Hispanic culture, to be open to friendships with the Hispanics all around us, and to get excited about exploring the world that is larger than Jackson, MI.

Moderator:  Mr. Emmanuel Olmos

Student Council

Mission and Purpose

The Lumen Christi Student Council’s main purpose and mission is:
     1.  To promote the social, academic, spiritual, and personal welfare of all
           Lumen Christi students.
     2.  To provide an open channel of communication between the student body,
           the administration, and the community.
All action by the Student Council will have the best interests of the students and the school in mind.  The Student Council is in charge of many different events that impact both the school and the Jackson community. Student Council members are looked upon as the voice of the student body, capable of seeing many advancements and projects come into action. The Lumen Christi Student Council is a prominent school organization, heading many different events and projects. Its members are very organized and willing to lend a helping hand. Leadership is the key word for a successful student council, and all of the Lumen Christi Student Council’s members display fantastic amounts of leadership. If you are looking to join a school organization, this is truly the one to look into.

Bi-monthly meetings are held during both lunches on every other Thursday.

Events Sponsored by Student Council
Homecoming Court Voting
Powderpuff Football
Parent’s Night (@Football Game)
Evergreen Prom
Blood Drive
Guest Speakers
Student Days
Pep Rally

For any information on events or projects, please write to us:

Lumen Christi Catholic School
c/o Student Council
3483 Spring Arbor Road
Jackson, MI 49203

Co-Moderators:  Mrs. Alicia Miller and Mr. Ryan Cole

Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.)

The mission of the national SADD Club is to provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with issues of underage drinking, drunk driving, drug abuse and other destructive decisions.

At Lumen Christi, SADD is more than just “Students Against Destructive Decisions.” We are students who work not only to avoid negative choices and their consequences, but also to do good. We encourage the expansion of our purpose to include those activities that contribute to the positive development of individuals and a caring spirit within our school and the community.

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:45 am and 2:55 pm in Room 148. Please attend one session. All students are welcome and encouraged to join. Yearly dues are $5.00.

Moderator: TBD

Students for Life

Students for Life take hold and stand up for the sanctity of life.  These students pronounce our Catholic belief that human life is sacred from conception to natural death.   The students work with local community organizations to bring forward the message of human dignity.  At the national level, students have the opportunity to travel to Washington. D.C. and participate in the March for Life held each January.

Co-Moderators:  Mr. Matt Anderson and Mrs. Lisa Burdick

Traveling Science Club

The Lumen Christi Traveling Science Club consists of Juniors and Seniors who are interested in Science. We do various projects each year, depending on the desires of the present members. We elect a slate of officers: President, V.P., Secretary, and Treasurer.

Some of the various activities we have been involved with in past years are as follows:

* Traveling Science Programs – We encourage Catholic elementary school teachers to invite a group from our club in to their classroom to do science experiments and activities on various topics. We appreciate that elementary school teachers must be creative in MANY disciplines and quite often aren’t as creative in the Sciences as in other academic areas. The elementary teacher contacts our advisor about what topic they are covering in their classroom and then our Club puts together labs, activities, etc to teach and re-enforce the science topic the elementary teacher wants to be covered. We have had tremendous success with this program and look forward to it’s growing popularity!

* We do fun after-school activities: making ice cream, testing which diaper REALLY is most absorbent for the longest time, making rockets, making hot air balloons, making GOOP, etc.

* We have gone on field trips to the Detroit Science Center and the Imax theater.

Moderator: Mrs. Nancy Lefere


3483 Spring Arbor Road
Jackson, MI 49203
Phone: 517-787-0630
Fax: 517-787-1066
E-mail: lcadv@myjacs.org