New Chief Academic Officer

for Jackson Catholic Schools

Congratulations, Stephanie Kristovic!

It is with great humility and gratitude that I write to let you know that I have accepted the position of Chief Academic Officer for Jackson Catholic Schools, effective July 1, 2022.

My six years as Principal of Lumen Christi have been a tremendous blessing.  From the first day I walked back into our hallowed hallways and exclaimed, “It smells the same!”, I knew I was returning home. In the time since, Lumen Christi has been not just a home, but another family.  The exceptional students filled with God’s love, the tremendous faculty and staff invigorated by God’s call, and the dedicated parents sharing their wonderful children and valuable time, treasure, and wisdom have demonstrated to me time and time again the power of Catholic education to transform lives and communities. We have done hard things.  We have done great things. We have done small things with great love. Thank you for your faith, your prayers, your (much-needed) grace, your trust, your patience, your wisdom, your support, your hard work, and your love of Lumen Christi, our students, and me in the last six years.  I am blessed.

As humbled as I am by the experiences earned in the last six years at Lumen Christi, I am as honored to serve the Jackson Catholic School community as Chief Academic Officer.  With this role, we hope to even further create authentically Catholic communities thriving with exceptional opportunities for holistic excellence — intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Alongside our incredible Pastors, Board, Principals, educators, and most importantly, parents, we will continue to answer God’s call to enact His vision for your children by implementing even better rigorous Catholic academic traditions; best-practice systems for data, coaching, and development of faculty and staff; and new programs to provide additional supports and access for all families desiring Catholic education.  I will be lucky to learn from the incredible team already serving our schools. This role is new and evolving, but I promise to pursue it with a commitment to Catholic education, to excellence, and a great love of all those in our community.


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