Little Saint Enrichment Program

Little Saint Enrichment Program

Little Saint Enrichment Program

Open to Our Preschool-Aged Children

Little Saints Preschool Enrichment is open to our preschool-aged children. If programming allows, we will accept potty trained 3 year-olds (by September 1st). Being located in the south hallway of St. John Elementary School gives the children a sense of belonging to a school family, as we recognize that in these children we are helping to build a better future. Little Saints offers a loving, Christian environment that will enhance creative thinking and problem solving skills, while supporting cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. We encourage you to enroll your preschool age child in our SJS preschool and supplement it with our enrichment program.

Little Saints Preschool Enrichment is open Monday-Friday 8am to 3:20pm following the St. John school calendar. Alternate day (from their preschool schedule), partial weeks and ½ day options are available for ease of scheduling. This allows your child to be able to attend both Little Saints Preschool and Preschool Enrichment for a full 5 day a week program.

The before school (7-8am) and after school (3:20-6pm) Latchkey program and some non-school day options are available as well. A separate fee schedule applies for both of these programs.

Our Preschool, Enrichment and Latchkey programs are all licensed by the state of Michigan. We observe or exceed all the state licensing requirements along with following the rules and regulations of St. John Elementary. All policies and procedures are coordinated between the Program Director, Preschool Teacher, and the principal of St John Elementary.

For more information please contact Dru Densmore, Little Saints Program Director, at 517-784-1714 ext. 100 or ​Renee Hornby, St. John Principal, at 517-784-1714 ext. 202.

Fee Structure

Preschool 3s (Child must be toilet trained):
Tuesday and Thursday mornings 8:10 to 11:00 – $1235

Enrichment options:
Tuesday and Thursday full-day 8:10 to 3:10 – $2470

Five full-days 8:10 to 3:10 – $4725

Preschool 4/5s:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday full-day 8:10 to 3:10 – $2835

Enrichment option:

Five full-days 8:10 to 3:10 – $4725


The Preschool calendar is based on the St. John Elementary school calendar excluding the start and end dates. If the school is closed due to a holiday or snow day, so is the preschool. Our preschool program runs from September through May.

Additional child care options will be available on professional development days, some holidays, and for afternoons of half-days. Please request a latchkey packet or contact Dru Densmore at 517-784-1714 ext. 100 for more information.

A portion of your cost may qualify for a tax credit. Please consult your tax advisor for complete information.