Tuition Rate Changes

Elementary Tuition 23-24 Elementary Tuition 24-25 Middle School Tuition 23-24 Middle School Tuition 24-25 Secondary Tuition 23-24 Secondary Tuition 24-25
6% Increase $4,000.00 $4,240.00 $5,300.00 $5,618.00 $7,960.00 $8,440.00
$ Variance $230.00 $240.00 $300.00 $318.00 $450.00 $480.00
Monthly Plan $19.17 $20.00 $25.00 $26.50 $37.50 $40.00

Non Participating Tuition 23-24

Middle School Tuitio. 23-23 Middle School Tuition 24-25 Secondary Tuition 23-24 Secondary Tuition 24-25
Non-Participaring $6,150.00 $6,520.00 $8,735.00 $9,260.00
$ Variance $350.00 $370.00 $495.00 $525.00
Monthly Plan $29.00 $31.00 $41.00 $85.00

Little Saints Preschool and Preschool Enrichment at St. John Tuition

Our preschool program has been purposefully designed as the first step in your child’s academic career. This means that your child becomes familiar with and accustomed to music class, gym class and technology time, as well as other specials opportunities. Through Reading Buddies with older students and involvement in various all-school activities, our preschoolers are truly a part of our St. John School family. For our students, advancing to Kindergarten is not a leap, but a natural and comfortable step.

Our preschool 3s program meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Enrichment options include afternoon enrichment on those days and Monday, Wednesday, Friday full-day add-on. Child must be 3 by September 1.

Our preschool 4s/young 5s meet for a full-day on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. There is an enrichment option of a Tuesday, Thursday full-day add-on. Child must be 4 by September 1.

Before and after school latchkey child care is available for preschool through 6th grade students. A separate fee schedule applies.

Financial Assistance

Some tuition assistance for K-6 students is available through the school. The Diocese of Lansing offers financial assistance for K-12 students. There is no financial assistance for preschool, preschool enrichment or latchkey as these programs are self sustaining.

Application for ALL Financial Aid/Scholarship Assistance

Families who are seeking financial assistance for the 2022–2023 school year will use the FACTS site to complete the application process. In the past, the Diocese used a separate application process requiring a fee. Parents need only complete the FACTS financial assistance application. This information is used by both the diocese and the area schools.

Tuition Discount

Financial Assistance Eligibility Open Date Deadline How to Apply
Diocese of Lansing
Catholic students in
grades 6-11 are eligible
Now March 1 Apply through
FACTS Grant and Aid Financial
Needs Assessment
Jackson Area Catholic
Students Tuition Assistance
All Students Now March 1 Apply through
FACTS Grant and Aid Financial
Needs Assessment
23-24 24-25
1 Students $4,000 $4,240
2 Students $7,000 $7,420
3 or more students $9,050 $9,600

Reduce your tuition by participating in our Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (T.R.I.P.) earning tuition credits.

The Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (T.R.I.P.) is an exciting opportunity to accumulate credit toward tuition costs. Families who use TRIP can potentially reduce their tuition by hundreds of dollars each year by shopping at participating merchants. Through TRIP, gift certificates from grocery stores, restaurants, and many other businesses are purchased at a discount. The certificates are then sold to participating families at face value, with the discount passed on in the form of a tuition credit.

Tuition Rates for the following school year are set each Winter. Jackson Catholic Schools’ Board of Governors will review and set tuition for the 23-24 school year in December, 2022.  Generally, tuition rates increase between 3 – 7% each year.